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5000mAh Power Bank

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You use your mobile a lot and need a light power bank that stays with you all day long, you won’t find this with the amazing 5000mAh power bank

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SKU: EG010503INST99 Categories: ,



• *Advantages*
• He has a ring that you can stick in the power bank to keep it in your hand and not lose it.
• There is more than one Type C and iPhone charger connector. You don’t need to buy any new one.
• Its raw metal is hard to break and at the same time its size is light.
• It has a flashlight that you can use if the light is cut off.
• *the description*
• *Package Content*
• 1 x Power Bank.
• 1 x iPhone charger connector.
• 1 x type c charger connector.
• 1 x Elastic Ring.
• 1 x instruction sheet.


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