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Ice roller facial massage

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For the body, to enjoy a tight body and clearer skin without any wrinkles Ice Roller
And it helps you get rid of the effects of allergies and insect bites, with small dimensions of approximately 18.5 * 9, which means that you are with you in your bag anywhere.

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• *Advantages*
• Stimulates the skin’s collagen, smoothing and revitalizing it
• Smoothes wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin
• The head is separated from the body in order to put it in the freezer and give better results
• Reducing redness and swelling of the skin, especially allergies
• Eliminates the effects of grain and insect bites
• It is small in size, with dimensions of 18.5*9. You can take it with you anywhere
• Treats darkening around the mouth
• *the description*
• Dimensions 18.5*9
• *Package Content*
• Roller body
• Roller head


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