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Wireless mouse and keyboard 2*1

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If you are into games or your work depends on the speed of typing and movement with the mouse, then this offer is like a wireless mouse and keyboard 2 in 1

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SKU: EG010202MOKA99 Categories: ,



• *Advantages*
• Fast mouse.
• The keyboard is resistant to dust and water.
• The keyboard zipper is suitable for gymnastics because it is light and fast.
• The base of the keyboard is high to be comfortable for the hand.
• *the description*
• Product name:-GX gaming.
• Power: – 500 watts.
• Voltage: – 5 volts.
• Frequency: – 2.4 Hz.
• Bluetooth :- 3 v.
• Material: – Plastic.
• *Package Content*
• 1 x mouse.
• 1 x keyboard.


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